BMJ Open Health Economics

The Community Paramedicine at Clinic Program or CP@clinic is an innovative evidence-based health promotion and disease prevention program that has been rigorously evaluated and proven to have positive effects on older adults’ health and reduced 911 calls for emergency medical services.

We evaluated the cost-effectiveness of the CP@clinic program compared to usual care for low-income older adults living in social housing using a cost-utility analysis. Using data from the CP@clinic randomized control trial based on 13 social housing buildings including 1461 residents, the total program cost for implementing in 5 communities was $128,462, and the reduction in EMS calls was an estimated $256,582. This means that for every $1 spent on the CP@clinic Program, the Emergency Care system sees $2 in benefits. The net gain for the Emergency Care System is $128,120, which works out to be $88 saved per resident. Additionally, the program cost per Quality-Adjusted Life Year is well below the threshold for program adoption in Canada.

The CP@clinic program reduces EMS calls and improves quality of life all while being more effective and less expensive than usual care. Learn more by reading the detailed economic analysis.